• Norleon

    Hello, my name is Norleon and I'm an admin of the "K-ON Wiki". Recently, the idea came up to create an affiliation-group for all wikis containing content of animes made by Kyoto Animation, which includes your wiki as well. If you are interested to join the discussion about the project, please follow me on the K-ON Wiki. I and the wiki hope to see you there. :)

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  • BishiePantsu

    Posting a Photo.

    March 19, 2013 by BishiePantsu

    Oh, A pleasant morning/afternoon/evening, my dear fellow contributors.

    I'm Jirou. Finally back from an almost 5-month vacation from the wiki. And this is due to school. Now, I'm here to tell all of our registered contributors about adding photos:

    • Do not add unnecessary photos on any articles. Photos are ALL required to be posted on the gallery section of each and every article. More specifically, the Characters. 
    • But if you really want to, to make the wiki more lively, ask me. And let all of us know about this.
    • When adding some photos, PLEASE fix the article so that it wouldn't look all messed-up

    That's all. But for now, PLEASE DO NOT ADD any UNNECESSARY PHOTOS. Yes, even though it's related to the series. That's why we have a section called "G…

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  • Gcheung28

    Hey, Hyouka fans, something pretty cool has popped up! The official website for Hida-Takayama, Gifu, Japan recently revealed a tour guide map that they collaborated on with the Hyouka anime series!

    Check them out:

    The map, which is also available on the website for download, shows the user many locations that were shown in the Hyouka anime, including the high school Oreki, Eru, and the others attend. Not only is the map digital, but 10,000 physical copies have been published for distribution!

    Hida-Takayama is the setting of Hyouka's story, and the town has been collaborating with Hyouka since last year to create a bunch of awesome Hyouka-themed goods! These are being sold at various stores around the Hida-Takayama area, and have increased tourism …

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  • Demon8796

    hey! XD

    just wanted to ask.

    1. Isn't it about time we changed the "On the Wiki, Wiki Content, Community" thingy?

    2. Also, you could appoint Admin's right? (I want to be one!! ME!!! me!! XDD)

    3. The Background Wallpaper as well. It's cool but I'd rather have a wallpaper from the anime itself.

    that's about everything i guess... X))

    i do hope you reply to this thing.XD

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