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Eru Chitanda
  Kanji   千反田 える
  Romanji   Chitanda Eru
  Age   16
  Gender   Female
  Height   160 cm (5'3")
  Weight   54 kg (119 lbs)
Personal Status
  Occupation   Student
  Relatives   Jun Sekitani (uncle)
First appearance
  Manga Debut   Chapter 1
  Anime Debut   Episode 1
Voice Actors
  Japanese   Satomi Satō
  English   {{{english seiyu}}}

I'm curious; I can't stop thinking about it!

Eru Chitanda ( 千反田 える, Chitanda Eru) is one of the main characters of Hyouka . She is a student in her first year at Kamiyama High School in class 1-A. As the president of the Classics Club, Chitanda takes full responsiblity for the club and will act as its representative when necessary. She is usually the one to get the club involved in the various mysteries the characters encounter.


Eru Chitanda is the only daughter of a lineage of wealthy farmers known as the Chitanda clan, of which appear to be quite well renowned, as they are one of the famed "Exponential Four" clans. In volume 4 she reveals she would take over the clan in the future. She entered the Classics Club in attempt to recollect her last memory of her uncle, and incidentally, became the Club's president due to the club not retaining any members from the previous year.

General Information


Eru Chitanda is very ladylike, polite, and cheerful. She is described as being sensible, emotive, friendly, and innocent, coming across as "childlike" in many aspects. She is has a very positive demeanor and rarely seems to harbor negative emotions. Contrary to her well-behaved mannerisms, she can become compulsively nosey when intrigued; becoming hyperactive and having a tendency to glare and ignore personal space. Although easily distracted, Eru can become very focused on a particular subject, to a point of forgetting anything else not associated with it. She can be very persistent and stubborn, especially concerning mysteries, as she will not be able to stop thinking about it until she finally solves it. Eru loves daikon vegetable. It was proven in Arienai makuai geki no.4 where they are planning on increasing the club members and they gave their plans to increase the members and Eru kept forcing them to sell daikon after school but Houtaro kept refusing. She even insist on changing the club name to "Daikon Club" but again Houtaro refused it.


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Eru Chitanda is a fairly shapely young girl that stands at 160 cm roughly ("5'3") and weighs at 54 kg (119 lbs). She has mid-back length straight black hair that she sometimes wears in a rough high ponytail. Her bangs are cut straight across her forehead, just above her eyes. Chitanda's eyes are indigo-purple and are considered rather large; they tend to sparkle when intrigued. She is principally seen in the Kamiyama High School uniform, only occasionallly shown wearing any other article of clothing. When not in her school uniform, Eru Chitanda generally wears somewhat loose fitting, "dainty" clothing. 


Hōtarō Oreki

Eru Chitanda seems to admire Oreki's talents and skills a great deal. In addition, she trusts Oreki and believes he can solve any mystery. As a result, Oreki is often forced to sedate Eru's rabid curiosity by solving the various mysteries she drags him into. Chitanda has consistently managed to persuade Oreki into helping her at any give time without fail. Chitanda is quite attached to Oreki and, later in the anime series, it is hinted by their interactions that the feeling is mutual. Examples include how Oreki starts to pick on Chitanda much to her chagrin, and when Eru sheepishly backs away and blushes when getting too close to Oreki. 

Mayaka Ibara

Chitanda quickly becomes close friends with Mayaka and Mayaka frequently refers to her by her nickname, "Chi-chan."

Satoshi Fukube

She maintains a friendly relationship with Satoshi, who constanly helps her convince Hōtarō to solve the mystery at hand.

Fuyumi Irisu

Chitanda's upperclassman. They are on good terms and seem to be good friends.

Kaho Jūmonji

From the Fortune Telling Club. She appears to be friends with Chitanda.


  • "I'm curious, I can't stop thinking about it!"
  • "I wanted you to see it."
  • "That's because you've never taken a close look at yourself."
  • "His brain, I feel like i want to open it up and take a peek inside."
  • "I find myself hard to understand sometimes"
  • "I like to avoid getting tired"



  • Surprisingly, by her first year's Mid-term test, Chitanda is ranked 6 in her year. She is often called "top student".
  • She apparently has a good sense of hearing and smell, as she is able to hear and smell things that other characters are unable to.
  • She is very meticulous, seeing details other people might fail to see.
  • She has excellent night vision, as she claims in episode 20.
  • She has not read for years, as claimed by herself.
  • She is good at cooking
  • She was born on October the 16th (fans rumor)
  • Her seiyuu, Satomi Sato, together with Satoshi Fukube's seiyuu, Daisuke Sakaguchi, sung "Update Goissho Ni" and "Itsuka Bokura no Epilogue" in Hyouka Net Radio "Kotenbu no Kuttaku" Theme song CD.
  • Like many other anime girls (and some guys), Eru entered Saimoe Contests.
  • Hotaro was specified her as The Fool of the tarot card.

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