Hyouka BD-BOX is a complete Hyouka Blue-ray disc set.


  • Number of episodes: 23 (22 + OVA)
  • Duration: ~625 min(~525 min series, ~45 min additional content)
  • Disc: 4 two-layer BDs
  • Screen: 16:9 HD Widescreen 1080p
  • Voice: Linear PCM
  • Release Date: February 27, 2015
  • Product No.: KAXA-9806


  • Exclusive box and BD jacket designed by Kyoto Animation
  • Exclusive commentaries from Hyouka original work author, Nonobu Yonezawa, and manga artist, Task Ohna (144 pages total)
  • Includes OVA not shown on TV
  • Exclusive content:"2013 Live Dolls' Festival news coverage" by Eru Chitanda (CV: Satomi Satō)

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