The Kan'ya Festival is approaching, and all four members of the Classic Literature Club are unable to sleep from the anticipation of this festival.


The Kanya festival is approaching, and it is already the day before. All four members of the Classics Club are unable to sleep from the anticipation of this festival. Eru takes it up a notch and goes to a shrine to pray for a good luck at the festival.

Hōtarō gets ready to head for school at the front door, which is when his sister says good morning. She feels that he will face some trouble of the festival, which he does not believe. She reasons that it is a tradition that the Classics Club always faces some kind of trouble during the festival, which Hōtarō doesn't like the sound of it. He tells Tomoe that if she is so worried about this "tradition", she should give him some kind of lucky charm. In quick response, she tosses something towards Hōtarō. He attempts to catch it but fails. The item is a fountain pen, but as her sister then explains, it is out of ink and also has a broken tip. He attempts to complain to her about how he's being treated like a trash can, but Tomoe tells him that he'll be late if he doesn't leave now. As Hōtarō leaves, Tomoe states that she might come to the festival if she's ever bored, which Hōtarō doesn't want her to do.

"Mysteries" solved

Reason behind Mayaka's Melancholy Case - Pt. One


  • This is the start of Hyouka's third arc; "The Kudryavka Sequence - Welcome to KANYA Festa!".
  • Mayaka dresses as the character Frolbericheri Frol from the 1975 manga "They Were Eleven". The choice is appropriate since the manga is a combination of science fiction and an Agatha Christie-esque mystery.


  1. "Those Things Piled Up Endlessly" in Funimation release.

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