Being amazed by Hōtarō's logical skills, Eru asks him for one favor. She wants Hōtarō to help her remember words of her uncle, which made her cry when she was little. Hōtarō reluctantly agrees to help her.


Hyouka - 03 - Large 03

Chitanda Eru asking Oreki Houtarou for help

Eru asks Hōtarō to help here solve a mystery she has been troubled by for a long time. When she was small, she picked up a book, which is suspected to be one of the volumes of "Hyouka", and showed it to her beloved uncle (Jun Sekitani) and asked about it. Her uncle once attended the school the main characters attend. But for some reason, the uncle was upset. He replied to her which terrified her and made young Eru cry. Though she had forgotten about this over the years, she remembered it again recently. She joined the Classics Club to find what was that that made her cry and her uncle upset. Because this uncle has been missing for now seven years, she doesn't know what else to do than refer to the book she had shown her uncle.

"Mysteries" solved

Missing Medicine Cabinet in Old Classics Room Case

Hyouka - 03 - Large 11

Hōtarō, Mayaka and Eru knocking at the Biology Prep Room

 Hōtarō was told that the previous issues of Hyouka were kept in a medicine cabinet. Hōtarō, Eru and Mayaka went to visit the biology prep room, where the Classics clubroom was previously at. When they arrive, the door is locked and they don't get an immediate response. Then an upperclassman, Masashi Tōgaito, opens the door and welcomes them to the News Poster clubroom, which is the current club the biology prep room is hosting. Before letting them in, he asks what business they had, while he closed the room door. When Masashi found out that Eru was from the Chitanda family, he became tense and responds to Eru's question of the medicine cabinet that it is not in the room. After some perstering, Masashi let's the three in.

Hyouka - 03 - Large 15

The News Poster Clubroom

The room's windows are open, and electric fans are on. A make-shift table is at the center of the room, made from cardboard boxes and a big piece of wood. The three looks around the room but they can't find the cabinet. Hōtarō asks where the other members were and Masashi answers that it was their day off. After afew more questions, Hōtarō gets a clue that some of the cardboard boxes were just moved in. Hōtarō then knows where the location of the cabinet.

Hyouka - 03 - Large 17

Masashi angrily refusing

Hōtarō asks Masashi if they could get the advisor to help their search. Masashi strongly refused, as he is very busy. After, Hōtarō calmly explains that all they need is the anthologies that are inaide the medicine box, and that they would be greatful if Masashi brought them to the earth science prep room(The Classics clubroom) if he were to find them. Masashi is very tense, but then complies to Hōtarō's request. Hōtarō and the two girls leave, but they wait at a location nearby, which puzzles the girls. After a good five minutes, Hōtarō says it's time, and when they arrive at their club room, the anthologies are on the table of the room. Why are they there, even though Masashi said he did not know the cabinet's location? Where was it exactly?

Solution: Masashi was smoking in the room and he didn't want to be found out. That's why he was airing the room out so it wouldn't smell like tobacco. The medicine cabinet was under the makeshift table, but his cigarettes were in there as well. So when Hōtarō and the girls left, Masashi put the anthologies in the Classics clubroom.

Adapted From


  • In the novel, Chitanda said that his uncle went on a voyage to Malaysia 10 years ago.Oreki jokingly ask her did she want him to go to Malaysia to search for her uncle, but later he was explained that his uncle was last seen in India.
  • We were also told in the novel that Oreki was ranked 175th place out of 350 students, Chitanda was ranked 6th.


  1. "The Circumstances of the Classic Lit Club's Scion" in Funimation release.

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