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Houtarou convinces Eru to ask for additional help from Satoshi and Mayaka. Therefore, her mystery comes to a focus of the entire Classics Club. They agree to organize a meet-up to discuss mystery of the words of the Eru's uncle.


On the same afterschool afternoon that the Classics club couldn't find the first issue of Hyouka, Eru and Houtarou head home together. While walking, Hōtarō mentions that finding clues about the mystery behind Sekitani Jun's past would be a lot easier if Satoshi and Mayaki were to help as well. Eru was reluctant about the idea at first, but when Hōtarō mentions that if the mystery remains unsolved and left alone, it would become history to her, realizing this, she then agrees to ask for the help of the remaining members of the Classic Literature Club as well.

On a fine weekend day, Hōtarō waits at a cross walk, onto to be met by a cheerful Satoshi who was jokingly acting like a girlfriend, saying, "Sorry, Honey! Did you wait long?". As expected, Hōtarō meets this joke with distaste. The two rides off on their bikes towards Eru's home for a research-collaboration meeting on what happened to the Classics club 45 years ago. Hōtarō had brought his piece of information, but Satoshi mentioned that he also had to present a theroy with his sources, which he did not. On the way, Hōtarō asks if Satoshi was enjoying his school life, which he answers that he is, since he and those around him are all living colorful lives. As for Hōtarō, Satoshi describes that he lives a dull grey life, with good intentions, as he says, "If I were to look down on you, instead of 'gray' I'd call your life 'colorless'." Hōtarō refuses this 'love', which Satoshi understands.

The two finally arrive at a large Japanese-style mansion, that is surrounded by rice fields, which is part of the Chitanda household wealth. Before entering, Satoshi jokingly tells Hōtarō that there is a possibility that the two of them will be greeted by a servant, but is disappointed when the one who greeted them was Eru. The two are then guided by Eru to a very spacious room, where Mayaka is sitting comfortably near a table. The three others then sit down near the table. The meeting then begins with Eru's explanation of the purpose meeting. The purpose of this meeting is not just to find out what had happened 45 years ago in the Classics club, but to also use the theory they find most true and place it in this year's Hyouka. As for the arrangement of how the members would present their information, each member will individually present their source, and then wait for questions of it. Thereafter, they will present the theory they came up with, using the source as their backing. The rest of the members would then evaluate if the theory is believable or not. Once done, the next person would go. Hōtarō is amazed by how much of a chairman Eru acts like, but is thereafter disappointed when Eru starts to get worried on who would go first. In the end, it is decided that, starting with Eru herself, the order would go in a clockwise rotation, with Mayaka going next, then Satoshi and Hōtarō last.

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See The Origins of Hyouka.

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