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Entire Classics Club goes to the hot springs to relax after solving Jun Sekitani case. Houtarou expects to have a rest; unfortunately for him, new mystery pops up.


While riding up the mountain on a glide-rail, Hōtarō and the rest of the Classics club head for the hot springs. during this ride, Satoshi starts to talk about "The truth behind Hamanoko's giant eel, Hussy!", and everyone else that Hōtarō believes this story, as Hōtarō himself believes that "All ghosts, when closely examined, are just withered flowers." Eru only the other hand can't decide whether it is true or not.

Now, the four rides a bus, and their destination is the Zaizen Village, a location famous for mountain hiking and hot springs. The club members are here for only the hot spring portion. During this summer break, Hōtarō would have rather wanted to take his own kind of lazy "break" than going out on trips. But Eru, in thanks for helping her find the truth behind her uncle, asked Hōtarō, Satoshi and Mayaka if they could go on a hot spring trip. Hōtarō had no choice but to accept the offer, as he could see "I want to go" all over her face.

After the bus ride, the members wait for their ride to the hot spring inn. But Hōtarō, due to his lazy nature, is already feeling carsick, even though it has been only an hour and a half. Satoshi is amazed at how Mayaka was able to get them a reservation at an inn. Since her relatives are in the middle of renovating their inn and can't take guests, Mayaka was able to get permission for the Classic club stay there for free.

"Mysteries" solved

The Inn's Hanging Man case

During her first night in the inn, Mayaka said she saw a hanging shadow in the room in front of her bedroom, the famous n°7 bedroom. Indeed, the previous evening, Mayaka's little sister, Rie Zenna, told to Chitanda and Mayaka a history about a weird man, who was a client of the inn, who was founded hanged in the n°7 bedroom. All the next clients of this bedroom told they saw frightenings shadows during the night. At least, the ninth client of the bedroom died of a unknowed disease.

Chitanda, who saw the shadow too, ask to Oreki to solve together this new mistery. Mayaka too wants to know what she saw because Oreki think they seen the shadow of another object. Oreki have no choise and accept to search what was the shadow with Chitanda.

First of all, Oreki think that if Ibara and Chitanda had seen a shadow it must be the shadow of something which was against backlight of the moon, the only source of light this night. But Chitanda say that the shutters were closed at 10 of p.m. Oreki decide, next, to go to the n°7 bedroom but the access is forbidden. At this moment, Kayo Zenna tell, a bit uneasy, to Chitanda that the second floor is used for storage. Oreki and Chitanda have to examinate the room from outside. On the way, they see the Rie and Kayo's morning sport's cards. We can see that Rie has written her name on her card and doesn't practice all morings unlike Kayo who did it all days. Rie has written his name on her glass and her ball too whereas Kayo didn't it. Once outside, Oreki notes that the ground is wet. Chitanda tell to him that it was raining a bit during the night. After he examinates the bedroom windows, Oreki deduces that all the shutters must be open to see a shadow.

After the lunch, Rie show her new yukata to Oreki, Chitanda, Ibara and Fukube. But a mysterious shadow is saw by Oreki at this moment, in the corridor.

Then, Oreki and Chitanda go again to the hot springs. Oreki found here Fukube and ask to him if an official event took place the last night. Fukube answer that the summer festival took place in the village the previous night. Oreki remember he heard the tambour sound and that he saw someone leave the inn at this moment.

Oreki understant the reason of this mystery.

Solution : During Oreki and Chitanda turn back to the inn, he tell to her the reason of this mytery. In fact, the previous evening, Kayo wanted to go to the summer festival with the Rie's yukata, but she knew that Rie didn't lent top her probably because Rie writte her name on her stuff. Then, Kayo borrowed in secret the yukata and went to the summer festival; Oreki think Kayo is the person he saw the previous night who leaved the inn. However, the night was rainy and the yukata was wet. Kayo knew that Rie would use it the next day and she didn't wanted that Rie know she used the yukata. Kayo hanged the yukata in n°7 bedroom with the windows opened in order to dry it and that her sister don't see it in this state. Unfortunatly, according to Oreki, the moon was very shiny this night and that's why Chitanda and Ibara have seen the yukata's shadow because of the moon's light.


  • This episode adapts Volume 4, Chapter 3 (The Ghost, When Examined) of the novels.


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