The Furuoka Deserted Village Murder Case (古丘廃村殺人事件Furuoka Haison Satsujin Jiken) is the ninth episode of the anime series.


After talking with the members behind the production of the film by Fuyumi Irisu's class, other than the acting cast, Hōtarō Oreki and the other members of the Classics Club are given to listen to each production member's theory of what the ending of the unfinished film is supposed to be. Since the script-writer fell ill before the filming was complete, the group could not continue filming. To make interviewing of each member easy, Kurako Eba, one member of the class who did the film will invite, in all, the three members one at a time. After a small introduction, each member will give their theory and reasons, thereafter Hōtarō, Satoshi, Mayaka and Eru will give their counter of agreement or objection.

"Mysteries" solved

Ending to the movie "Mystery" 1st Theory case

Ending to the movie "Mystery" 2nd Theory case

Ending to the movie "Mystery" 3rd Theory case


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