Classic Literature Club series (〈古典部〉シリーズ Kotenbu Shirīzu) is a novel series written by Honobu Yonezawa and serialized in Kadokawa Shoten. Currently, the series consists of 6 volumes.


"Everyone wants to live their high school life to make many good memories". This high school student motto doesn't interest Hōtarō Oreki. He doesn't want to "waste" his energy on relationships, sports or some other activity. Instead he wants is to "save his energy" by all means. Because of it he has no interest whatsoever in joining any clubs upon entering Kamiyama High School.

But his life changes when he receives a letter from his older sister Tomoe in which she wants him to enter the Kamiyama High School Classic Literature Club (Classics Club), which was in danger of getting abolished as all previous members have graduated. Being afraid to refuse his sister Hōtarō does so, thinking that this won't change anything in his life - he expected to be single club member. But he finds out that he was wrong - when he enters the clubroom, he sees a beautiful girl, standing near the windows and looking to outside. She notices Hōtarō and introduces herself. She is Eru Chitanda from 1-A class, and a member of Classics Club. After some time, his old friends Satoshi Fukube and Mayaka Ibara join to club as well. The newly reformed Classics Club find themselves involved in all sorts of mystery-solving escapades.

The Classic Literature Club Series

Each volume (except vol. 6) was given different Japanese and English title. In this article translated Japanese title used as main.

Volume 1 - Hyōka

Volume 1 Cover

Volume 1 Cover

Japanese: 氷菓 (Hyōka)
English: You can't escape / The niece of time

  • 1 - Letter from Benares
  • 2 - The Rebirth of the Traditional Classics Club
  • 3 - The Activities of the Prestigious Classics Club
  • 4 - The Descendants of the Eventful Classics Club
  • 5 - The Hidden Seal of the Pedigree Classics Club
  • 6 - The Old Days of the Glorious Classics Club
  • 7 - The Truth of the Historic Classics Club
  • 8- The Daily Life of the Future Classics Club
  • 9 - Letter to Sarajevo
  • Afterword

Volume 2 - The Credit Roll of the Fool


Volume 2 Cover

Japanese: 愚者のエンドロール (Gusha no Endo Rōru)
English: Why didn't she ask EBA?

  • 1 - Let's Watch a Movie Preview!
  • 2 - "The Murder in the Abandoned Village of Furuoka"
  • 3 - "The Invisible Intrusion"
  • 4 - "Bloody Beast"
  • 5 - Let's Try This
  • 6 - "The Blind Spot of 10,000 People"
  • 7 - Do Not End the Show
  • 8 - Credit Roll
  • Afterword

Volume 3 - The Kudryavka Sequence


Volume 3 Cover

Japanese: クドリャフカの順番 (Kudoryafuka no Junban)
English: Welcome to KANYA FESTA!

  • 1 - A Sleepless Night
  • 2 - The Cases That Keep Piling Up
    • 2-1 - Has Something Happened With the Classics Club?
    • 2-2 - Quiz Trial
    • 2-3 - Yet Another Storm
  • 3 - The "Juumoji" Incident
    • 3-1 - The Morning Landscape
    • 3-2 - Wild Fire
    • 3-3 - The "Juumoji" Incident
  • 4 - Yet Another Sleepless Night
  • 5 - The Kudryavka Sequence
    • 5-1 - Four People, Four Cultural Festivals
    • 5-2 - "Juumoji" vs the Classics Club
    • 5-3 - The Curtain Closes
    • 5-4 - Behind the Stage
  • 6 - And So It Ends
  • Afterword

Volume 4 - The Doll that Took a Detour


Volume 4 Cover

Japanese: 遠まわりする雛 (Tōmawari Suru Hina)
English: Little birds can remember

  • If I Have to Do It, Make It Quick
  • Committing a Cardinal Sin
  • Revealing the True Form
  • Those Who Hold Any Clues
  • Happy New Opening
  • The Case of the Hand-made Chocolate
  • The Doll that Took a Detour
  • Afterword

Volume 5 - The Approximation of the Distance of Two


Volume 5 Cover

Japanese: ふたりの距離の概算 (Futari no Kyori no Gaisan)
English: It walks by past

  • Prologue - Even Just Walking Feels Long
  • Prologue 1 - Present: 0km
  • Prologue 2 - Past: One Day Ago
  • Prologue 3 - Present: 1.2km
    • 1 - Reception for Joining the Club is Over Here
  • 1-1 - Present: 1.4km; 18.6km Remaining
  • 1-2 - Past: 42 Days Ago
  • 1-3 - Present: 4.1km; 15.9km Remaining
    • 2 - A Friend Must Be Congratulated
  • 2-1 - Present: 5.2km; 14.8km Remaining
  • 2-1 - Past: 27 Days Ago
  • 2-3 - Present: 6.9km; 13.1km Remaining
  • 3 - A Very Beautiful Shop
    • 3-1 - Present: 8.0km; 12.0km Remaining
    • 3-2 - Past: 13 Days Ago
    • 3-3 - Present: 11.5km; 8.5km Remaining
  • 4 - Fun for Those Who Left
    • 4-1 - Present: 14.3km; 5.7km Remaining
    • 4-2 - Past: Approximately 19 Hours and 30 Minutes Ago
    • 4-3 - Present: 14.5km; 5.5km Remaining
    • 4-4 - Present: 14.6km; 5.4km Remaining
    • 4-5 - Present: 14.6km; 5.4km Remaining
  • 5 - The Approximation of the Distance of Two
    • 5-1 - Present: 17.0km; 3.0km Remaining
    • 5-1 - Present: 17.0km; 3.0km Remaining
    • 5-2 - Present: 18.6km; 1.4km Remaining
    • 5-3 - Present: 18.9km; 1.1km Remaining
  • 5 - The Hand that Could Reach Anywhere
  • Epilogue - The Approximation of the Distance of Two
    • Epilogue-1 - Present: 19.1km; 0.9km Remaining
  • Afterword

Volume 6 - Even Though I'm Told I Now Have Wings

Hyouka volume 6 cover

Volume 6 Cover

Japanese: いまさら翼といわれても (Imasara Tsubasa to Iwaretemo)

  • What's Missing from the Box (six parts)
  • It Doesn't Reflect in the Mirror
  • Is It Sunny out in the Mountains?
  • Our Legendary Volume (four parts)
  • The Long Holiday (four parts)
  • Even Though I'm Told I Now Have Wings (seven parts)

Honobu Yonezawa and the Classics Club


Honobu Yonezawa and the Classics Club Cover

Japanese:米澤穂信と古典部 (Yonezawa Honobu to Koten-bu)
JP Release: October 13, 2017

  • Interview〈古典部〉シリーズ15年のあゆみ / Interview: 15 years progress of the "Koten-bu" series 
  • 〈古典部〉書き下ろし短編 「虎と蟹、あるいは折木奉太郎の殺人」/"Koten-bu" newly written short story "Tiger and crab, or Houtarou Oreki murder"
  • 対談集――北村薫、恩田陸、綾辻行人、大崎梢 / Dialogue collection — Kaoru Kitamuru, Yukito Ayatsuji, Kozue Oosaki
  • 著者による〈古典部〉シリーズ全解説 / Complete commentary on "Koten-bu" series by author
  • さらにディープな〈古典部〉隠れネタ大公開!/ Furthermore, deep "Koten-bu" hidden material grand opening for the public!
  • 米澤穂信に30の質問 読者編/作家、声優、漫画家編 / Compilation of 30 questions asked by readers to Honobu Yonezawa / author, seiyu, manga artist
  • あなたの本棚見せてください! 古典部メンバー4人の本棚大公開 / Please check out your bookcase! Four Classics Club members bookcase grand opening to the public
  • お仕事場拝見 2017年 / 2017 Workplace View
  • 『いまさら翼といわれても』刊行密着レポート!/ Complete report on the "Even Though I'm Told I Now Have Wings"!
  • 米澤穂信のマイルストーン / Milestones of Honobu Yonezawa
  • 講演録 物語のみなもと / Transcript of the lecture on story origin
  • 門外不出の〈古典部〉ディクショナリー / Treasured "Koten-bu" dictionary


There is an ongoing manga adaptation illustrated by Task Ohna.


The anime adaptation by Kyoto Animation covers Vol. 1-4 of the light novel series, as well as a few short stories (Is The Mountain Range Sunny?, later included in Vol. 6). At the end of each episode the subtitle of the Volume that the story arc is from is displayed.

Vol. 5 was released after the anime adaptation. No plan has been confirmed to adapt it, and other short stories, to anime form.


With the release of anime series, sales of the "Koten-bu" series books have increased drastically. This led the author to consider to continue writing the story about the 4 after their high school graduation. Source: Volume 3 Afterword (2nd part of the Afterword in the lastest published version) Link: (Note: This link is in chinese)

Novel Illustrations


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