Jun Sekitani (関谷 純 Sekitani Jun), Eru Chitanda's missing uncle, is the focus of Hyouka Episode 4, "Past Days of the Classics Club and Its Glory." We learn that he founded the Classics Club and coined the term "Hyouka".


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Jun's highest level of education was middle school because he left high school without graduating. Based on sources she's studied, Chitanda knows him as a "quiet fighter and kind hero." Our protagonists determine that Jun was at the center of student protests against the school administration 45 years ago. The protests were a reaction to the principal's attempt to cut the culture fair down from 5 days. While the protests succeeded in saving the fair, Jun was the unfortunate scapegoat and was expelled in October after the fair ended. The reason Jun was expelled 5 months after the actual protest in June was to make sure that the students had calmed down by the time of the end of the festival. Frightened by the idea that one could be alive but dead at the same time, and unable to scream, a younger Chitanda began to sob uncontrollably, and again when she remembers the reason behind her tears many years ago.


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In Honobu Yonezawa's mystery novel, Chitanda's uncle, Jun Sekitani, was reported missing in India. The resolution of his story for Chitanda comes when the group deciphers the meaning of Hyouka, the first and only anthology that Jun writes for the Classics Club. Hyouka means "edible ice," which refers to "ice cream" in English. The pun that Hōtarō realizes Jun is making is "ice cream" = "i scream" - a message he leaves behind for future members of the Classics Club.

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