Kamiyama High School (神山高校 Kamiyama kōkō) is a high school in Kamiyama where most of Hyouka protagonists study. Based on really existing Hida Middle School in Gifu Prefecture, Japan.


With a number of about a thousand students, Kamiyama is a general school with a good amount of club activities centered on culture; like the Classics, Ink Painting and other rare clubs. Commonly known as the "Kanya Festival"(カンヤ祭), the culture festival happens in the month of October and is the 42nd in the year of 2000 with 51 organizations on exhibition.

The uniform for male students are the standing collared Gakuran and the Sailor Outfit for the girls.

The Classics Club

Upholding the tradition of more than 30 years of having the "Hyouka" publication during the festival holds some history as well. However, due to having no members for three consecutive years, the club would be considered for dissolve should there be no active participants in the year of 2000. There is no concrete aim or goals for the Classics Club. Their clubroom sits in a corner on the fourth floor of a special building, used jointly as the Earth Science Lecture Room. Their previous clubroom two years ago lay on the third floor directly beneath the current room, which is now utilized as the Biology Lecture Room and the Newspaper Club clubroom.[1]

Other clubs

  • Abacus club
  • Broadcast club
  • Culinary club
  • Calligraphy club
  • Capella club
  • Fashion club
  • Go club
  • Handicraft club
  • Karuta club
  • Light music club
  • Manga club
  • Occult club
  • Photography club
  • Quiz club
  • Wall Newspaper club


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