Kayo Zenna is a relative of Mayaka's, and Rie's younger sister.

General Information


She is a quieter and shyer individual than her sister. Unlike Rie, she doesn't write her name on her items.


Kayo is an elementary schooler with twin-braided brown hair that goes down to her shoulder.


As Rie is always putting her name on her things, Kayo is using Rie's kimono without her Rie's permission because she knew that Rie won't allow her to. Eru and the others thought that Kayo's hanging kimono was a ghost.


Rie Zenna

She is Kayo's younger sister.

Mayaka Ibara

Rie and Kayo are Mayaka's relative.



  • She's in the 4th grade.
  • She calls Mayaka "Maya-chan".

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