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Houtarou Oreki is a passive and calm high school student of the Kamiyama High School. One day, he is forced to enter the school's Classic Literature Club ("Koten-bu") upon the request of his older sister, Tomoe Oreki. He expects to be alone member there; however, he founds out that club already has one member in the face of ever-curious girl called Eru Chitanda. In a little while his friends, knowledgeble Satoshi Fukube and stern Mayaka Ibara, also join in. Accompanied by his fellow club members and being pushed by Chitanda's curiosity, Oreki solves different mysteries by using his logical thinking skills.
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Eru is trying to take A Corpse by Evening manga from Houtarou (The Last Target)
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Houtarou Oreki (折木 奉太郎 Oreki Hōtarō) is the main protagonist of the Hyōka series. He is a class 1-B student of Kamiyama High School and a member of a Classic Literature Club.

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Did you know...
  • ...that Fuyumi Irisu's nickname is 'The Empress' due to her frank and imposing nature.
  • ...that city of Kamiyama based on real city of Takayama located in Gifu Prefecture?

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