Muneyoshi Kugayama is the Student Council President and mangaká or illustrator of "A Corpse by Evening".

Character Overview


He seems fairly friendly. Despite being a good illustrator, he has no interest in drawing manga, only seeing it as something fun he did, showing a frivolous attitude toward it (as stated by Jiro in episode 17).


He has lightly tanned skin, unkept brown hair and brown eyes.


He did the art for "A Corpse by Evening" for the manga club during his first year, and is currently President of the Student Council. He seems to be admired by many female students.


He is first seen in episode 15, watching the magic show with Jirō and saying hello to Fuyumi. Upon entering the room, two girls get excited and say "it's him!"

At the closing ceremony for the festival, after saying things at the festival safely came to an end. Muneyoshi mentions the "strange incident", the audience laughs. He then turns to a perturbed Jirō and says "Nice job!" and smiles. Jirō still looks a little disturbed.


Jirō Tanabe

They appear to be close friends.

Fuyumi Irisu

They seem to be aquainted with one another.



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