Seizansō (青山荘 Seizansō) is the name of the Mayaka Ibara's family inn. It appears for first time in Episode 7. It's located in the Zaizen village near the hot springs where members of the Classics Club spend their holiday.


Seizansō is built in traditional Japanese style and has a U-shape. It consists of 3 parts: the main building (reception, the refectory and the laundry) and the two others buildings, where guest rooms are located. However, the second floor of one building is unused due to the "Room No. 7 mystery". This floor is now used for storage.

In real life

Based on Sanso Yunosato (山荘 湯乃里) inn located in Okuhida Hot Springs (奥飛騨温泉郷 平湯温泉 Okuhida Onsengō Hirayu), Takayama, Gifu Prefecture.

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