Shōko Yuasa ( 湯浅 尚子 ,Yuasa Shouko) is the president of the Manga Club. 

General Information


She's a little indifferent and nonchalant appearing at first, though she reveals to be kind and friendly as well. She is very attentive not to get involved in any problematic situations. Still, Shōko is willing to indirectly assist these situations if she is able to.


Shōko stands slightly shorter than Chitanda. She has long raw-umber brown hair put in a hair band and has gray eyes. Shōko Yuasa is yet to be seen in anything other than her Kamiyama High School uniform.

Additional info ~

She, Ayako, and Haruna were all friends in their first year.


She acts somewhat indifferent when Ayako states that making reviews is pointless and argues with Mayaka, but is seen quietly lecturing Ayako for being too harsh. She also tries to comfort Mayaka, telling her that Ayako wasn't being serious. When Mayaka asks how she knows she just says "because Ayako and I are friends."


Ayako Kouchi

They're good friends. Shōko seems to trust her a lot.

Haruna Anjō

They were friends before Haruna's change of school.


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