• BishiePantsu

    Posting a Photo.

    March 19, 2013 by BishiePantsu

    Oh, A pleasant morning/afternoon/evening, my dear fellow contributors.

    I'm Jirou. Finally back from an almost 5-month vacation from the wiki. And this is due to school. Now, I'm here to tell all of our registered contributors about adding photos:

    • Do not add unnecessary photos on any articles. Photos are ALL required to be posted on the gallery section of each and every article. More specifically, the Characters. 
    • But if you really want to, to make the wiki more lively, ask me. And let all of us know about this.
    • When adding some photos, PLEASE fix the article so that it wouldn't look all messed-up

    That's all. But for now, PLEASE DO NOT ADD any UNNECESSARY PHOTOS. Yes, even though it's related to the series. That's why we have a section called "G…

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